Kivi's Underworld

Kivi's Underworld

Fight off hordes of subterranean monsters


  • Easy to pick up
  • Generous demo


  • Generic fantasy design
  • Screen can become a mess of enemies

Not bad

Kivi's Underworld is an isometric hack-and-slash action game that takes you into a dark subterranean world full of skeletons and other fantasy creatures. If you've seen the game Diablo, or its sequel, you'll recognize the action here.

Taking control of Kivi, you must explore dungeons, solve simple puzzles and fight of hordes of monsters. The controls are really simple, mouse movement, with a normal and strong attack, plus three special attacks. Attacking enemies is just a case of clicking on them - sometimes a lot. Compared to the great combat system in the recent DS Legend of Zelda game, it feels basic, and it's a pain having to attack creatures one at a time when they are surrounding you! It can become a clicking frenzy.

Graphically Kivi's Underworld is nothing wonderful, and you can extend that to most things about it. As a fantasy game, it's fairly unoriginal and there's nothing new about it. At the same time, there's nothing very wrong with it. If you want to spend the odd 30 minutes hacking and slashing, this will do.

We found Kivi's Underworld's combat a little unsatisfying: It could do with a bit more grunt, and you can easily find yourself heavily outnumbered. There are difficulty levels, however, though this can't help the dark graphics sometimes becoming a confusing mess of attacking monsters.

Kivi's Underworld is an average and generic fantasy hack and slash, with no features that make it stand out from the pack.

Kivi's Underworld


Kivi's Underworld

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